Spring fever is in full swing! With the flowers budding and the warm weather moving in, there’s also a negative side to the beautiful outdoors: allergies. You can’t stop them and they only seem to get worse throughout each month. Besides the obvious medicines and vitamins, there are things at home you can do to lessen your symptoms!

Hot showers are the one of the best ways to clear up your stuffy nose. Because of the steam, it hydrates your sinuses and eliminates dryness. If you don’t want to fully take a shower to get the steam effect, pour boiling water in a bowl, put your head over the top of it, and inhale. This works just as well! (If you want to go the extra mile, buy a humidifier and put it in your room while you sleep!)

Chelsea Crockett - Peppermint TeaPeppermint is an easy and enjoyable way to clear up your stuffy nose. If you’re a tea drinker, add some dry or chopped fresh peppermint to a cup of warm tea. The warmth of your tea will help your throat and the peppermint will work at opening your sinuses. Another bonus to add to your mint tea, is a little bit of honey. Legend says that, because bees transfer pollen to honey, eating or drinking a little bit every day can slowly make you immune to its effects! It’s worth a try!

If you’re a victim of nasty allergies, share your remedy secrets below!

Love, Chels