Hot weather can be a blessing and a curse. Beautiful days spent in the sun can be a sneaky disguise for beauty disasters such as frizzy hair or clogged pores… YUCK! I have a few hacks on how deal with the hot outdoors and get one step ahead of the Mother Nature!

  • What’s one of the first things that pops into your head when you think of summer nights? BUGS. Yuck. I learned a trick to help keep the mosquitoes away! Rub dryer sheets all over your clothes/body and keep one in your back pocket. It works just as well, if not better, than bug spray.
  • I cannot stress my love for dry shampoo enough. Use it at night before you go to sleep and you’ll literally feel the difference the next morning. It gives the shampoo time to absorb any sweat or oil left in your hair.
  • NEVER underestimate the power of deodorant!Chelsea Crockett - Waterproof Mascara Just because you put on a few swipes before your day doesn’t mean you don’t have to reapply. They have tons of different scents in the travel size for you to throw in your purse. Plus, it’s there if you forget to apply… which is a nightmare!
  • Waterproof makeup is a must during the summer if you’re going to be spending most of your days outside. Whether you’re swimming or just plain sweating, you’ll need some makeup that’ll stay on your skin!

Do you have any of your own tricks? Let me know :).