If you are one who suffers from dry skin, you already know how annoying and unpleasant it can be. Whenever I notice it starting to appear on my body, I sometimes get self-conscious and want to hide it as much as I can! There are several ways you can beat dry skin and get rid of it. Below are a few of my favorites!

During the summer, we tend to dry our skin out by laying in the sun or swimming daily. Obviously, you can eliminate most of your dry skin by simply moisturizing with lotion. But over-scented lotions can sometimes dry your skin out even more; so, be careful with what you’re applying to your skin. Also, keep a healthy, balanced diet. By eating your daily fruits and vegetables, you’re getting the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to keep your skin hydrated.

Chelsea Crockett - Avocado Face MaskExfoliating is a big part in getting rid of dead skin AKA dry skin! Different exfoliating scrubs will do the job just fine as long as you apply it gently. Too rough of a scrub could end up hurting your skin instead of actually helping it! If you don’t have any scrubs at home, apply Vaseline! Other home remedies that are a little bizarre, are adding bananas or avocados mixtures to your dry patches. There are many recipes online that say what to include in your homemade mixture. Pick your favorite and go from there!

Lemme know how it goes :)! -Chels