When it comes to being a girl, getting a breakout is our worst nightmare!  They’re very sneaky.  You can go to bed with flawless skin and wake up with a face covered in zits!  When, what, where, how?!?!  Although zits popping up unexplainably are something that’s hard to control, there is a method to stop all the madness.  Find out how you can stop a breakout…FAST!

If you often find yourself out in the sun with sweat beads dripping down your forehead, it’s best to always keep facial cleansing wipes on hand.  Wiping away sweat with these moist toilettes will keep sweat out of your pores and open them up instead.  This will allow your skin to breathe.

Being in a routine is key to healthy skin.  Find a beauty regime (including soap and moisturizer) that you find effective.  Be sure to wash your face every morning and Chelsea Crockett- honey face masknight, and never skip using moisturizer.  Many people believe that moisturizer causes skin to be oily, thus creating more zits.  This is exactly the opposite.  Instead, try switching to a water-based or gel moisturizer to keep oil under control and pimples at ease.  If you’re in a hurry to clear a breakout, go into your kitchen pantry and grab the honey jar!  Honey is known to reduce redness.  Put this on your face for 10 minutes like you would a normal face mask and wash it off with a damp towel.  Within a couple hours, redness from any visible pimples should be reduced!

Don’t freak out if you get a breakout!  There’s a way to cure it all!