One of the most annoying things is finding an old, unused eye shadow that’s too old to put to use!  Or you could have a similar situation to mine… I have some eye shadow palettes that I use only one or two colors out of it and the rest just sit and never get used.  I recently found a “do it yourself” way to turn dry eye powder into a rich creamy shade.  I started looking at my older palettes and figured I could combine some of the colors into a cream that would be the perfect shade!Chelsea Crockett - Creamy Eye Shadow

All you have to do is grab a pretty shadow or a couple colors that would look good blended together.  After you’ve chosen your shades, grab a lotion or some Vaseline (for added sparkle…use a lotion with a shimmer to it).  Next, get a dry small container and a knife or toothpick.  Scrape some eye shadow into the bowl (mixing colors if you’d like!). Using a Q-tip, mix some lotion or Vaseline with the powder.  Remember…less is more at first.  You can always add more.  Continue to mix until all clumps are gone until you get the desired consistency you’d like.

Try applying the color to the back of your hand to make sure it blends well onto your skin.  Let me know if you try this and have any tips for me!

XOXO, Chelsea