Okay so i’m going to be real with you here for a minute. Last week I used a pore strip on my nose to get some blackheads out of there. I accidentally left it on too long and ended up peeling off some of my skin with the pore strip. OKAY OUCHHHH. It was not fun. Plus, my nose has been a red mess this week. Thank goodness I know a few makeup tricks to hide it! If you have redness from acne scars or rosacea, or pesky pore strips, keep reading to learn how to cover it up.

  1. Prep with primer: Apply a primer to your skin to make sure your makeup stays on all day. Primer also creates a barrier between your skin and makeup to prevent irritation.tumblr_inline_mw1721SkOq1qdfkq5
  2. Use tinted concealer: Pick a yellow or green tinted concealer to fight the red tones on your skin.
  3. Use a brush: Apply your concealer using a large brush to cover a wide area so you get coverage without going too overboard.
  4. Top it off with foundation: Use a brush to apply foundation over the concealer.
  5. Finish with powder: Take a yellow toned setting powder and press it into the skin to help your makeup stay in place alllll day long.

Hopefully these tips help you cover up that redness so you can feel confident in your own skin (literally!).

XOXO, Chels