I think us girls can all agree on one thing: periods are the worst!  They’re the most dreaded time of the month that we can’t do anything to stop.  Not only do periods come with mood swings, cramps, and a lot of other dreaded symptoms, but acne and pimples start to pop up all around our face, too!  Period breakouts are tough to battle, but here are some tips that can help!

The days before:  It’s all about prevention.  Chelsea Crockett - Clay MaskWhen your period is near, there’s not much you can do besides trying to stop the breakouts from coming!  First comes first, avoid clogging your pores at all cost.  Make sure you take off your makeup before going to sleep and avoid touching your face a lot.  If you feel a pimple building up under your skin, try out a clay face mask to get rid of it for you!    

During:  Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!  Keeping your face clean from oils and dirt will aid in preventing hormonal breakouts.  So, make sure you’re thoroughly washing your face in the morning and at night and getting rid of any makeup or oil!

The days after:  After your period has finally come to an end, your skin should hopefully go back to its original state.  The toughest part of your battle is over!  The only thing I suggest is sticking to a daily skin routine to prevent random breakouts and to keep your skin under control.

I hope these help you have clearer skin during your time of the month!

XO – Chels