Let’s face it. We all strive to shower every day, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Life gets busy, schedules get tighter, you have places to go and people to see and no time to take a shower! There are a few ways to get the just-showered fresh feeling without taking the time to, well, actually shower. So, if you’ve been busy all day and don’t have time to hop in the shower before heading out the door, here are a couple of ways to freshen up fast.

  1. Hair fragrance mist: Good-smelling hair is always a confidence booster. When you have fresh hair, you feel fresh all over, that is why hair mist is a must. Spritz some hair fragrance mist onto your locks before running out the door to leave your tresses smelling fabulous.k2-_58f0fc6c-3aae-4f3b-bc0f-8b25b94f9ae3.v1
  2. Dry shampoo: If you don’t have hair mist, opt for dry shampoo! It will suck up all of the oils and sweat from your hair and leave it smelling and looking fresh.
  3. Blotting papers: Use absorbent facial blotting papers to blot away the excess oil on your face throughout the day. I know when I have a busy day and I am going from one task to another, I can feel my face getting oily and shiny. These keep your makeup looking fresh and matte by dabbing the excess oil off of your face.
  4. Baby wipes: Use any sort of wet wipe to freshen up during the day. Keep a package in your purse so that you can freshen up any time you need. These give your skin a quick refresher and leave you smelling and feeling fresh and clean.

I know how crazy busy life can get, and how showering can become a sort of chore because you have way better uses of your time than standing in a stream of water, so that is why these tips are so useful!

XOXO, Chels