Imagine you’re in the moment, “I want bangs and lots of layers!”  Oops, bad mistake. Your hair already has a lot of layers and you have a small forehead already.  Now it’s just a mess!  The bangs are too short and you look like you have all different lengths of hair.  What do you do now?!  Don’t worry; I’ve got a few brilliant tips to save you from a bad haircut.

  • If you have too many layers, making your hair look really choppy, avoid the flat iron.  Try curling your ends, curling some more than others to make pieces Chelsea Crockett- bad hair cutshorter or longer.  This gives the illusion of blended hair.  Also, slipping on a headband will camouflage stubborn short layers.
  • Hate your new bangs?  No problem!  Lucky for you, there are so many cute half up, half down hairstyles to get those pesky bangs out of the way.  Try twisting your bangs and pinning them up or wearing a hair scarf as a head band.  If you like your bangs but wish they were longer, try blow drying them from above and brushing them straight down.  Once straightened, they will appear longer.
  • If your cut is uneven, avoid the flat iron at all time.  Try curling your hair or call your stylist.  They will usually fix that for free!

Don’t freak out if you hate your new hair!  There’s always another options!