Do you ever see a girl with gorgeous red lips and think “I wish I could make my lips as sassy as those!”? Red lips are a fashion staple for fall and winter, so it is essential that you know how to get them! Here are some super easy steps on how to get the most luscious lips around.


 1. Use concealer over your lips to block out the natural lip line.

2. Make symmetrical dots on your lips, with a lip pencil, like these!

 chelsea crockett

3. Connect the dots.

4. Fill the dots in with your lip pencil.

5. Apply your ravishing red lip stick to your lips.

6. Use concealer around the edges of your lips to sharpen your lines and cover up any smudges.


Now that you know how to achieve the perfect red lips, go rock ‘em! And when people ask you “How did you get such perfect red lips?” you can say “Chelsea Crockett taught me!”.  One way you can rock red lips is to pair them with smoky eyeshadow, a bold scarf and dark skinnies! Bold lips are a perfect way to give you a little boost of confidence and make heads turn!

XOXO, Chels