Sleeping makes up a large part of our day. Teenagers are supposed to get a recommended 7-9 hours of sleep a night… That’s a long time if you think about it so why waste it? Acne can be improved over night using certain ingredients and products. Make use of your time and treat your skin while you sleep using these simple tips :)!Chelsea Crockett - Spot Treatment

  • Spot treatments are good for drying up breakouts and acne overnight. Apply it carefully so the rest of your skin stays moisturized and hydrated! You can find these for a cheaper price at most local drugstores like the Neutrogena one on the right. I promise you these are worth it!
  • Instead of actually buying a spot treatment, use aloe vera to calm down your skin! The reason your skin is breaking out is because it’s swelling and becoming inflamed. Aloe vera soothes your skin and reduces redness. Apply it on your acne before you go to sleep and let it work its magic!
  • Of course, we’ve all heard of the toothpaste trick. Apply a white toothpaste (not a gel) to your acne or pimple to dry it out while you sleep.
  • Eggs aren’t just for eating. You can use egg whites by whisking them and applying the ingredient to your irritated area. You can even use them for reducing acne scarring! It’s a two in one solution!

I hope this helps you out! – Chelsea