Being tan is one of my favorite things about summer. Although my summer is filled with lots of travelling and events, I still find time to soak up some rays. Too many teenage girls get caught up in the idea of being tan and take desperate measures to do so. Here’s how you can get tan this summer… the safe way!

Before summer, I like to have a little color, especially for prom, graduation, etc. Instead of going tanning, which can be really bad for your skin, I sometimes use a bronzing mousse from Vita Liberata.Chelsea Crockett - Vita Liberata Tanning Mousse My favorite of their products is the 2-3 Week Tan Mousse in Medium. After applying, your skin will develop a darker tan within 4-8 hours. No harm done! It gives your skin a much more natural tan than other tanning lotions I’ve used in the past. This product provides you with a mitt to apply the mousse without any streaks or splotches.

No matter how many times your skin sees the sun throughout the day, it is crucial to wear sunscreen. More and more everyday skin products, such as some liquid foundations and BB creams, have included a built in SPF which prevents the sun’s rays from harming your skin. I’ve read so many different articles and have watched several videos that say wearing sunscreen everyday will do your skin wonders. You might as well give it a try!

Make your skin happy this summer by being smart when you’re having fun in the sun!

XO – Chels