What’s the first thing you notice when you see Kylie Jenner? Besides her gorgeous hair and perfect skin, her lips definitely stand out! If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll see that, in almost all of her pictures, she rocks a matte mauve color. There are several different ways and combinations to pull this off, but here are two of my favorites!

  1. NYX Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands to shop for makeup, whether it’s eyeliner, foundation, bronzer, and especially lipstick! They carry the perfect products to get the famous Jenner pout. Their Mauve Slim Lip Pencil is only $3.50 and adds the defined look to your lips that you want. Then, for only $6, you can purchase the Whipped Caviar Matte Lipstick for the flawless finish. If you want a glossier lipstick that doesn’t have exactly a “matte” finish, the Mauve Extra Creamy Round Lipstick works just as well!Chelsea Crockett - NYX Lipsticks
  2.  MAC Cosmetics is yet another brand that I love to get my products from! Along with NYX, they have an almost endless amount of lipstick colors to choose from. Since we’re going for the mauve look, I suggest the Midimauve Lipstick or the Faux Lipstick. On their website, you can check to see which color you think matches best with your skin tone that still gives off the look you’re going for. Highstrung, Fabby, and Plum Dandy are only a few of the many shades that are similar to the color you want. Just pick your favorite and finish it off with MAC’s Whirl Lip Pencil!

Now that you’ve got your dream celeb lips, find the perfect outfit and makeup to highlight them. Kylie’s look is absolutely perfect for fall! So… what are you waiting for?

Love, Chels