Hi girls!  One of the most attention-catching parts of your face is your beautiful eyes.  From blue to brown to hazel, your eyes can always sparkle if you know the right colors and shades to use. 

          For the baby blues out there, use navy or grey shades of eyeliner to highlight your eyes.  Those colors allow your eyes to reflect off the eyeliner and show off the blue hue in your eyes.  As far as brown eyes go, try out dark brown or black eyeliner which will bring a fiercer feel to them.  Try to remember to outline the eyes but not to go to thick and dark with black eyeliner.  And of course I couldn’t forget about the green/hazel eyes.  For you, try light brown or green colored eyeliner.  This will bring out the brown or green in your sparkling hazel eyes.Chelsea Crockett - Eyes

          To add an even more defined look, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler.  This will give them a little extra lift before adding on your favorite mascara.  Concealer is another product to use slightly below your eyes.  Getting rid of those dark circles will help others focus on your eye color and pop!  Hope this helps!


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