Cheetah print and polka dots in the same outfit together….no way?! Yes way!  Mixing and matching is totally acceptable and actually brings life to your outfit!  Pairing certain prints can be tricky and look entirely wrong if done incorrectly.  What’s important is knowing which patterns to mix together and how to do it the right way.  Come find out what works and what doesn’t!Chelsea Crockett- plaid and polka dots

Before choosing which patterns to mix, you must decide which colors do and don’t go together. You can’t mix red and black plaid with navy and brown chevron…that would just look wrong!  Either try to keep the colors in the same family group, such as army green, brown, black, tan, and navy, or wear a neutral colored print with a pop or color, such as black and white plaid with Kelly green polka dots.

My two favorite combinations are polka dots mixed with plaid and cheetah print matched with stripes. Try wearing a forest green plaid shirt with a navy and white polka dot sweater over it.  The color and print combination really complement each other!  If you prefer cheetah print, try pairing a black and white striped blouse with a cheetah print skirt or pair of shorts!  Both looks can be paired with boots, flats, sandals, or heels.  Also, keep the jewelry to a minimum since the patterns are already the center of attention.

What are your favorite print combinations? Comment below!