When you think about your summer wardrobe, I’m sure it consists of lots of shorts, dresses, skirts, and swimsuits!  And what do all of these things have in common?  Your legs will show!  I always like to make sure my legs are in tip-top shape during the warm months, especially swimsuit season.  Here is a step-by-step guide to prepare your legs for the summer!

Step #1: Exfoliate.  Chelsea Crockett - ExfoliaterThis is the first step because it gets rid of any dead or damaged skin which prepares the perfect base for hydrating and shaving.  It evens out the skin and leaves behind what’s healthy and new instead of what’s dead and old.  And an even better tip?  Use an exfoliator with sea salt!    

Step #2: Hydrate.  Since exfoliating consists of scrubbing and roughing up your skin, you’ll need to follow it with a little hydration!  Look for lotions that have nourishing and replenishing properties, not just those that smell good.  This should thoroughly moisturize any dry skin cells and prepare them for a smooth, even shave!   

Step #3: Shave.  This step is pretty self-explanatory.  We all know that shaving makes our legs feel and look super smooth, which is perfect for shorts weather!

Step #4: Hydrate again/tan up.  Shaving, just like exfoliating, can sometimes dry out your skin.  I suggest hydrating again!  Then after you lotion-up, try a self-tanner that will leave your legs with a bronze glow!

I hope this guide helps you out this summer!

XO – Chelsea