We’re always told to keep our beauty brushes and other tools clean and free from bacteria.  That being said, we’re not always told the best way to do so.  And if we pay $30 or more for a brush, we don’t want to ruin our high quality tools by washing them the wrong way!  Here’s a little guide on how to wash your beauty tools properly!

  • Beauty Blender/Beauty Sponge.  Any tool that has a spongey texture to it can be tough to clean, especially because they hold so much moisture.  Not only do you need to run it under water, but pick a cleansing solution to use as well.  Squeeze your beauty blender gently while rinsing it with water but also adding in the cleansing solution.  Chelsea Crockett - Cleaning BrushesThis will help clean out any bacteria or makeup deep into the sponge.  Make sure you are being gentle or else it could mess up your blender!
  • Eyelash Curler.  It may’ve never crossed your mind, but eyelash curlers actually have a large amount of buildup from mascara, eyeliner, etc.  If you’ve ever tried cleaning it before, then you know it’s not the easiest thing to do!  Either heat it up with a lighter or soak it in hot water.  If you start this way, the makeup will slide right off when you use a tissue, cotton, etc.
  • Foundation Brush.  For cleaning brushes, make sure you use a cheap cleanser or one that you don’t use anymore.  Any type of cleanser will make for the perfect soap to eliminate any buildup on your brush.  Apply the cleanser and rinse your brush under warm water.  Set it flat on a paper towel instead of setting it up to dry to make sure your brush stays it original quality!

Follow these tips to keep your beauty tools clean and free from makeup buildup!

XO – Chelsea