Dry hair is hard to prevent. During the winter months, cold air makes your hair go from smooth and silky to frizzy and brittle. Apart from how it feels, we don’t necessarily like how it looks either.  Here are a few ways to bring your locks back to life!Chelsea Crockett - Dry Hair Recipes

After doing some research, I found some cool techniques that I would’ve never thought about doing!  Hydrating products are where it’s at for dry hair. Conditioning with an ultra-hydrating conditioner, especially coating your ends, will help tremendously. A few times a week, do this followed by blow drying your ends (before rinsing!). After allowing your hair to soak up the product, rinse out the conditioner. Only do this 2-3 times a week!

Apart from product remedies, homemade recipes can account for amazing hair revivers. Ingredients such as avocados, eggs, olive oil, etc. are all great for restoring your hair back to a healthy state. Another remedy that never even crossed my mind is a butter mask (wait… what?)! Massage a small amount of butter throughout your hair. Make sure your hair is dry and let it sit for about a half hour. Rinse out the butter with shampoo and you’re good to go!

What other remedies do you have for dry, brittle hair? Let me know below!

XO – Chels