Hi Insiders,

            Have you ever applied makeup or a new product and thought, “Uh oh.”  Well don’t worry, it happens to everyone.  I’ve had my fair share of beauty mishaps.  Although the outcome may look horrendous, there is a way to reverse everything.  I will give you the 101 on how to reverse the most common beauty mistakes.Chelsea Crockett- beauty mistakes

  • Put on too much self-tanner?  No problem!  Squeeze fresh lemon juice on a loofah and start scrubbing away in a hot shower.  This will slowly remove dark splotches and streak marks.  Apply lotion generously when you’re finished.
  • You’ve spent too much time in the pool and now your blonde locks are green.  Yuck!  To reverse the green tint, shampoo your hair twice, once with a shampoo with golden tones and once with a clarifying shampoo.  You can find a variety of these shampoos at your local department store or click here!  Just make sure to read the bottle!  Be sure to rinse your hair with tap water after each dip in the pool to prevent this from happening again.
  • You got sweaty after you applied your makeup.  No worries!  Always carry oil pads, a beauty sponge, and lip gloss with a pop of color in your purse.  Use the oil pads to soak up excess sweat, smooth foundation and remove smudged eyeliner with the sponge, and apply the lip gloss to give yourself that fresh look. 

I hope these tricks come in handy!  Next time you make a beauty mistake, remember, there is always a quick fix!