Middle parts can be tricky. You may be nervous to break away from the side part you’ve been comfortable with all your life! Middle parts represent a high fashion look that can be worn for more formal occasions, curled or straight, or for your everyday look if that’s what you prefer. Once you’re ready to give it a try, follow these simple steps!Chelsea Crockett - Taylor Hill Middle Part

  1. Get your hair used to it. It takes a while to train your hair to stay a certain way. If you’ve parted your hair on the side your whole life, it’ll take a few times to make it look natural. Definitely start by parting it the way you want it after you shower or when it’s wet.
  2. Use the right tools. By blow drying your hair after you shower, it’ll help force it to stay.  
  3. Frame your face. By using a straightener, you can frame your hair around your face, whether you want it curled or straightened. This will help make it look more natural and styled!
  4. Find a style that fits your cut. Depending on the length and cut of your hair, you’ll have to find a style that looks best on you. Like the picture on the right, she used her layers to her advantage and loosely curled each piece.

Training your hair to a new style is the hardest but most important step of rocking a middle part. Once you achieve that, then you’re ready to tackle the next step!

Good luck! – Chels