The concept of “stop taking things personally” is a tough one for me to grasp. I wouldn’t consider myself a super sensitive person, but I can definitely take things to heart, and can feel like I am to blame when something negative happens. If you are a sensitive person, then you are familiar with the feeling of “it’s all my fault.” Rather than feeling like the world is on your shoulders, you need to be able to feel free of anxiety and be confident! Here are 4 ways to help you stop taking things personally.

  1. Know that not everyone needs to like you: Yes, in an ideal world everyone would like everyone and get along, but that is not the world we live in. It can be exhausting to try and please everyone, and there is no need for it! It is impossible for everyone to like you, so don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t. Some people just flat out don’t like me. And I have realized that it is okay! I am confident in who I am, I have friends and family that think I am the, and I have you guys! Bye, haters.617849f15df4b425d44a4db8d6f3bcf87a2dcca8f3a06e1253b772d2c7181cca
  2. Don’t jump to conclusions: If someone says something negative that you think is directed towards you, don’t immediately get defensive and hurt. Take a second and step back. Odds are, the comment or criticism wasn’t actually directed towards you, or if it was, it could be a reflection of their insecurities.
  3. Just do you: Don’t let other people try and tell you who you are. What other people say about us can really have an impact on us, and it can be hard not to let it get to you. Just because people say it doesn’t make it true! You know who you are. You know what you are all about and your value and worth. Some people just choose not to recognize it. Like I said earlier, a lot of times when people criticize others, it is because they are insecure.

So, instead of feeling like it is your fault that someone doesn’t like you or that something negative happens, realize that everything is not your fault and other people cannot control how you feel about yourself, only you can!

XOXO, Chels