Hey girls!

            Knowing how to style your jewelry can be hard.  You want to balance it just right without wearing too much or too little.  The amount of jewelry you wear and how much “bling” it has differs from going to school to dressing up for prom!Chelsea Crockett - Cross Necklace

              As for a causal day at school, I like to keep it super simple.  For my earrings, I usually just wear studs.  As for a necklace, I would suggest a small one that lays just below your collar bone such as a cross one on the right.  This keeps your jewelry balanced and pretty easy!

            If you’re wondering how to style your accessories for more of a formal event such as prom or homecoming, no need to worry!  This isn’t as hard as you think!  Getting a simple, yet attention-catching, pair of dangle earrings will look great with your gorgeous dress!  Finish it off with beautiful necklace that hangs just right with your dress.

            One of the things I try to stick with is the same color of my jewelry.  I try to avoid mix-matching such as a silver necklace with a gold bracelet.  Some magazines even say it’s a major don’t in the fashion world!  So, before you leave the house, make sure your jewelry is color coded!