After a long day of school, work, or running errands, it’s easy for our makeup to fade and look a little messy.  If you have something important to be at after a long day, a quick touch-up is just what you need!  So what do you do if you don’t have your makeup bag on you?  No problem!  Here’s your 101 guide to touching up your makeup with what’s in your purse.Chelsea Crockett- mascara under eye

Getting rid of excess oil built up throughout the day is the first thing you must do in order to touch up correctly.  Blotting paper works best for this, but you can use a tissue instead.  Pat the tissue throughout your T-zone until you feel your skin becoming dryer.  Next, remove mascara and/or eyeliner that has gotten under your eye.  It’s easy for mascara to rub off on your under eyes from constant blinking.  Use the tissue again to wipe this off.  If you’ve got concealer on you, then touch up under your eyes and any blemishes you wish to cover up.  If not, turn the attention elsewhere.  Throw on a bright colored lip gloss or lipstick to make your lips the focus on your face…not that pesky zit!

All of this can be done in less than 5 minutes and is a quick way to refresh your makeup…without your makeup bag!