Our skin and overall complexion changes drastically from winter to summer. From pale to tan, no freckles to a face full of freckles, and a bad complexion to a good complexion…this change calls for a full “makeup makeover”! So how exactly do you go about switching over your makeup? What do you keep and what do you set aside for a few months? I’ve got you covered!Chelsea Crockett- bright lipstick

In the winter it’s all about faking the tan with bronzer and rocking a dark or nude lip. This is not the case for the summer! Since your skin will already be tan, ditch the foundation (except for covering up blemishes) and bronzer and stick with an icy pink blush. It’s great to contrast the dark and light colors. Don’t try to make yourself tanner by adding bronzer to your already bronzed face. It’s also time to swap your maroon lipstick for hot pinks and orange! These colors will make you look tanner and can actually act as an accessory to a plain colored dress or outfit. It’s also important to realize that less IS more! Ditch the dark eyeshadow and heavy eyeliner and go all-natural! All you really need is a good icy blush, mascara, and some fun lipstick to give yourself the perfect summer makeover. HAPPY SUMMER INSIDERS!