Some may think the secret to flawless makeup is an expensive, personal makeup artist.  Actually, the secret to flawless makeup is matte based products!  Matte foundation almost eliminates pores and leaves your skin looking smooth.  Lipstick, blush, and eye shadow also come in matte formats and have the same effect as matte foundation.  Check out how you can wear, and pull off, matte makeup the right way!Chelsea Crockett- matte makeup

Unlike typical foundation, matte foundation is best applied using a damp sponge.  This helps evenly distribute the foundation, especially around the nose and chin area. The secret to wearing matte makeup is to either wear it on your eyes and lips or on your face, NOT both.  In order to make the look more modern, try pairing a matte foundation with a shimmery eye and lip gloss.  Likewise, use a powder or liquid foundation if you’re feeling matte lipstick.

Matte makeup is making a comeback from the old Hollywood glamour days!  Give it a try and comment below which matte products are your favorites!