Orange lipstick can be a tricky lip color to wear.  It requires the right outfit, the right bronzer and the right blush.  To truly pull off an orange lip, follow my simple guide to get the perfect look!Chelsea Crockett- orange lipstick

When it comes to pulling off an orange lip, it’s all about the tan.  If you’re someone who tans easily, wait until you’ve been out in the sun a few times before trying this color.  If you tend to stay pretty pale, then try a shimmery bronzer!  Start by applying the bronzer to your cheek bones and outer part of your forehead.  (Remember: never apply bronzer all over your face!  This will make your makeup looked caked on and make you look darker than you should.)  Finish off your face with a light pink blush!

Two of my favorite shades of clothing to wear with orange lipstick are hot pink and nude.  If you want to stick to the neon trend, throw on a hot pink dress or top.  The contrast of colors will help each one stick out!  If you want to go a more subtle route, try a flesh colored top or dress to let your lips be the primary focus.

I hope all of you can try out this new makeup trend this summer!!