First dates are definitely not my favorite. They are nerve wracking! Plus, it is hard to tell if the person sitting across from you on a first date is going to be the person of your dreams, or just a short relationship that will last two weeks. But one thing you can tell is if you actually like the person to begin with. Here are some warning signs that a date is going badly, and that the person across from you so isn’t the one.

  1. Something is just “off”: You can tell within a few hours if you are really “feeling” the other person. If you have a feeling in your gut that it just isn’t working, then trust that feeling.
  2. There is a bad first impression: If you notice them exhibiting characteristics that you know you don’t vibe with (from past experience), then don’t forget those lessons you learned. If you know you don’t like a certain “type” of guy, then don’t make the same mistake twice. Best to cut it off as early as possible to spare feelings.
  3. They put you down: When you are talking, do they listen and make you feel like they are interested? Thumbs up! Do they make you feel like your hobbies and interests are lame? Thumbs down. No one needs to be made to feel like they are less than important on a first date. Even if you have had a crush on this person for a while and then finally go out on a date with them, when you see their true colors it can be disappointing. But don’t make excuses for them. Cut them loose.
  4. They don’t respect your boundaries: If they make jokes about your morals, that is a huge red flag. If they try to question or compromise them, that is an even BIGGER red flag. People that don’t have respect for boundaries can also foreshadow other issues.

Trust your intuition, it is probably steering you in the right direction!

XOXO, Chels