Are you ever curious about what will happen to your body in the future? I hear women all the time say “I wish I had the same metabolism as I had when I was your age” or “I wish I could have my 20-year-old body back!” So, what really happens to a women’s body as we get older? Here is how your body changes itself from a teen to a woman.FullSizeRender (26)

  1. The brain: Even in your teens and twenties, your brain is still developing, especially the frontal cortex which is responsible for decision making, judgments, short-term memory and risk taking.
  2. Your periods: One of the biggest changes is your menstrual cycle. As you move from your teens to your twenties, your cycle will become more regular and your hormone levels will also become more regular. Another development is the possibility of worsening cramps. Doctors have found that during your twenties are when cramps hit their peak because of high production of a hormone that prompts uterine contractions (which cause the cramps).
  3. Your skin: Your collagen levels, which cause softness in skin, are at their peak when you hit your twenties. One bad thing about growing up? The possibility of adult acne. Even if you rarely had acne in your teen years, there is a chance that you could develop acne later in life.
  4. Your weight: As you pass out of your teen years and into your twenties, your fat deposits will shift. Studies say that the under-the-skin fat in your cheeks, neck, boobs, and lower legs begins to shift and move to your waist, under your butt, and on your abdomen.

Now none of these changes are anything to worry about, they happen to every woman and are proof that our bodies are always changing, even when we think they aren’t! Love your body at every stage, because it is the one God gave you. J

XOXO, Chels