Hi Girls,

            Infinity scarves are one of the most popular cold weathered accessories this year.  They not only keep you warm, but they are extremely stylish.  One of the best parts about the infinity scarf is they can be worn causally or dressy and are extremely easy to put on.  I’ll give you the full low down on how to wear an infinity scarf.

            One of my favorite ways to wear an infinity scarf is to style it with an over-sized sweater.  I love to simply wrap the scarf around twice creating a thick scarf around the neck.  Even throwing it on with an army jacket and combat boots adds a soft touch to a rather edgy outfit.  Not to mention they are very comfortable and warm.  If you like wearing your scarf a more traditional way, place the scarf on each shoulder and pull one side through the other.  This is how you would wear a regular scarf. Chelsea Crockett- infinity scarf

            Picking the right color and/or print is also very important.  If you are wearing a dark outfit, keep your infinity scarf a dark jewel toned or black color.  Although the scarf is cute, you don’t want it to be the main focus of our outfit.  If you’re picking a printed scarf, then keep your outfit to solid colors only.  This allows the scarf to be the main focus, plus you don’t want to mix prints.  Make sure to add infinity scarves to your everyday winter wardrobe.  You will get constant compliments!