You love your long hair and hate to cut it, but those split ends have gotten out of control!  Oh the struggle of being a girl.  I know haircuts can be scary, but trust me it will benefit you in the long run!  Check out these red flag signs to see if you’re ready for a haircut.

  1. Check out your ends to see if they are getting frayed, frizzy, or split.  This will cause your hair to look dull.  If your hair has lost its shine, then it’s probably time for a haircut.
  2. As your hair grows out, it starts to lose its shape.  If you start to notice that your layers are gone and/or your hair is becoming difficult to style, then a trim is much needed!
  3. If your hair is curly, watch to see if your hair “bounces.”  If your curls have lost their spring, this means your hair is lacking moisture and is due for Chelsea Crockett- naturally curly haira cut.
  4. It’s time for a change!  Do you ever get bored of your daily hair routine or think your look is “typical”?  It’s so easy to spruce up your hair with a slight trim or dramatic cut.

Getting your hair cut isn’t that bad!  It’s actually healthy and can help your hair grow.  Keep your hair healthy and happy!