Makeup remover is the best thing in the world when it comes to a quick fix for taking off your makeup. Some people confuse it as an every night substitute for washing your face which shouldn’t be the case! Others question if it’s hurting their skin much more than helping it. I did a little research and dug up some answers!

To sum up the overall answer, makeup removers are NOT bad for your skin as long as you continue washing your face after using them. Makeup removers cannot be Chelsea Crockett - Makeup Removersubstituted for your nightly face wash. This is where it causes a problem! Also, be a smart shopper when buying your product and pay attention to what ingredients are used. If it is an alcohol based remover, try avoiding it! They can sometimes dry out your skin and cause irritation. Look for oil-free products as well. Oil can clog up your pores and cause breakouts. I definitely recommend an oil-free makeup remover for those with oily or sensitive skin!

If you’re cursed with super sensitive skin, you have some more guidelines to follow. Makeup removers with fragrances can sometimes annoy and irritate your pores. BareMinerals is a good brand to look at when it comes to following sensitive skin rules!

What is your go-to brand for makeup remover? Let me know below!

XO – Chels