Hey cuties!  Being at a young age, it’s a good thing to show off your natural beauty.  Trying to find a look that highlights your natural features is quick and easy to do.  Before applying any makeup, know that you want to keep it light, light, light.  Your goal is to show your natural self and you can’t do that by caking on makeup to cover it up!

Chelsea Crockett - Natural MakeupThe first step to almost any tutorial is to apply moisturizer and you’re ready to go.  An easy start to this look is to apply an airfoam foundation which will blend perfectly with your skin and keep it extra light.  After, cover up any imperfections with concealer to keep your face looking clean and beautiful.  Place more concealer under and in the inner corners of your eyes to eliminate any dark circles and to brighten up your face as well.  As far as your face goes, finish it off with a light pink blush on the apples of your now rosy cheeks.  And for eyes, that’s easy.  Keep it simple by dabbing a nude colored eye shadow to your eyelids and just a little mascara on your upper and lower lashes.

That should do it!  Everyone has their own natural beauty so it’s time to show off yours!

Love, Chelsea

Here are some products to help you pull off this look: http://tiny.cc/Garnier_Concealer, http://tiny.cc/Maybelline_Mascara, http://tiny.cc/LOreal_Blush