Hello Ladies,

            Have you ever wished you had straight, shiny hair instead of your dull, curly, frizzy hair?  Many girls have been turning to keratin treatments at the salon in order to get this “perfect” hair.  This treatment has generated a lot of buzz, since it uses unhealthy chemicals such as formaldehyde.  You must weigh your options if you really want this treatment.  Is it worth it?Chelsea Crockett- keratin treatment

            Although the risks of getting a keratin treatment will not kill you, the potential of it harming you are definitely present.  This treatment can only be done a couple times a year…MAX.  You are exposing yourself to strong chemicals, which can irritate your scalp, skin, and eyes.  It can also cause lung damage from breathing in the chemicals.  If you think this treatment is right for you, find a salon with a formaldehyde-free solution.  Also, try wearing a mask so you don’t inhale the chemicals.

Of course, there is a positive side to keratin treatments.  Keratin is like an extremely strong conditioner.  It will make your hair silky smooth and extremely straight.  If you decide to get the treatment, you won’t be able to get your hair wet or style your hair in any way for 1-3 days.  If you put your hair in a ponytail it could create a crease that won’t go away.  Now THAT would be bad!

If you decide to do the keratin treatment on your hair, make sure you do your research.  Enjoy your new hair, but take proper care of it!