Contouring is the biggest fad in the makeup industry right now!  Basically, it’s highlighting and bronzing key parts of your face to either make them stand out or be covered up.  It’s a great way to make your face look flawless.  While contouring can make you look radiant, knowing how to do it is key.  It can look quite “clown-like” if done incorrectly.  Check out how to contour the most important features of your face! Chelsea Crockett- contouring cheek bones

What you’ll need:

Contouring palette (light and dark)

Light eye shadow

Beauty Blender

Nose: For the effect of a slimmed down nose, place the dark color along the outside bridges of your nose and the light color along the top.

Cheek bones:   For the look of super-model high cheek bones, suck in your cheeks and apply the dark color into the sunken in area.  Add the lighter color to the cheek bones themselves. 

Eyes:  To make your eyes pop, apply a light, shimmery eye shadow to the entire lid and the dark color along the bone above the lid. 

The most important part of contouring comes last: blending.  When applying the light and dark colors, just put a stripe across each area.  Then, blend both colors together so no lines are visible.  The result?  A picture perfect face!

Enjoy experimenting with makeup!