Learn to love layering. That is my one huge piece of advice when it comes to winter weather. Once you have perfected this extremely useful art, you can use it to create one of a kind outfits and form your own personal style. I am going to show you some examples of outfits so you have visual examples!

1.  This outfit combines a sleek vest, a plaid flannel, a chambray denim shirt, and a striped long-sleeved shirt. They tossed in a simple statement necklace to add a little pazazz to the outfit and to spice up the ensemble.

Chelsea Crockett


2. This preppy look combines a hot pink vest, a cream colored sweater, and a checked button-up blowse. This color combo is to die for! I also love how they threw in a gold statement watch and some sassy bangles to tie the outfit together. They finished off the outfit with a pair of dark wash skinnies. Perf!


   3. This combo is probably my favorite of them all. It has a sort of rustic, country feel to it, ya know? This outfit combines an army vest with a striped sweater and a chambray denim shirt. I love the subtle colors in the chunky pastel scarf! It pulls the green in the vest and the navy in the pants together, as well as the tan booties.



Have you learned a lesson in layering? I hope the answer is “yes!” Don’t be afraid to try any of these combos this fall and winter!


XOXO, Chels