Having long hair has its lots of benefits but also has some major probs. Short-haired ladies, we love you to death, and sometimes I am super tempted to join the short hair club again because having long hair is pretty much a full time job. But, long-haired ladies, this article is for YOU! Here are 7 problems my long-haired gals will understand.

  1. Pre hair-cut anxiety: We’ve all been there. You’ve worked SO HARD to grow your hair out to the length it is, so when trim time comes you get crazy nervous. What if the hair dresser messes up and chops off too much hair and then you have to wait FORRREVER for it to grow back! Ugh.fullsizerender-38
  2. “Is that your real hair?”: We’re used to this question, yes? Oh, and there is also the “How did you get it so long?” question. Refer to #1 for the answer. 😉 I avoid hair-cuts! I know I shouldn’t. I also eat a healthy diet so that also helps!
  3. Having to schedule styling your hair: If I actually want to style my hair for school or going out, I have to set aside about an hour to do so. When you have long hair, it takes forever to style it!
  4. Hair ties. Hair ties everywhere: I have a stash of hair ties in my car, purse, around my wrist, all over just in case I get fed up with having my mane in my face.
  5. Car doors + hair=OUCH: I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve shut my car door/rolled up my window on my hair. Talk about ouch.
  6. Dry time: Air drying long hair takes hours, and blow drying isn’t much faster.
  7. The ultimate love/hate relationship: I love having long hair. I also occasionally highly dislike it. There are days when I just want to go back to short hair, but then I remember how hard I worked to grow it out.


Do you have any other “long-hair probs” that you would like to discuss? Comment below!

XOXO, Chels