Are you into the “rustic” look? Do you want to make your house look a little more like fall? Are you looking for some simple Thanksgiving decorations? Then read on! Today I am going to teach you how to make some classy, rustic decorations that will spruce up any Thanksgiving décor. If you are artsy or crafty, then you will love this fall themed DIY. It is super easy and practically free!

What you will need:

–          A glass container of some sort. You can even use the old glass from a candle.

–          Any kind of twigs or sticks. Go to your back yard or a park and collect sticks of any shape or size.7adbb978e7e47463f323e766f3b987af

Make sure that your glass container is clean and dry, or the glue will not stick. Cut the sticks so they are at assorted lengths. You can clean the sticks a bit so that the dirt doesn’t keep the twigs from sticking to the glue. Use hot glue to stick the twigs to the glass in a vertical fashion. Alternate the twig lengths and sizes so that it looks more natural. Once you have finished, you can use the decorations as candle holders, or you can just set them around your house to give it a more rustic, fall themed.

Happy fall!

XOXO, Chels