We all have a favorite eyeshadow shade. You know, that one that always seems to run out, while all the other colors in the palette are only slightly used. I got tired of having all sorts of eyeshadow palettes sitting around that were only slightly used, because all I was using was shades I knew and trusted! If you want to know how to wear the un-used, possibly obscure colors in your palettes, read on!

  1. Pink: Pink may seem like an awkward color for eyeshadow, and may give you “Barbie” vibes, but don’t let that stop you from using it! Gently dust some onto your eyelids, especially if it is a shimmery, light color! Bring the color across your lid down to the corner of the eye, and subdue it with other shadow shades like nude and champagne to tone it down.how-to-use-the-abandoned-colors-in-your-go-to-eye-shadow-palette-1656478-1455328442.640x0c
  2. Blue: This is a color that makes a stunning smoky eye, actually. Especially if it is slightly metallic! If a smoky eye isn’t your thing, use a small brush to run a thin line of shadow along your lower lash line for a pop of color.
  3. Purple: If you are unsure on how to wear that purple eyeshadow in your drawer, try the technique that I mentioned above in blue. Line your bottom lash line with the purple for a subtle color pop. You can even make a cat eye look with it!
  4. Black: Black can be an intimidating shade. Too much and you can start to look moody and dark! For a subtle look, use a fluffy powder shadow brush to dust a V shape along the outer corner of your eyes and halfway to the eye bone. This creates great definition.

Don’t let those abandoned eyeshadow colors go to waste! Get creative with them! You may find a new favorite shade in the process.

XOXO, Chels