Contouring, winged eyeliner, fuller lashes… these are only three of the many things I want to master when doing my makeup (and the list could go on!). It seems almost impossible to figure out how to do it just right and make it last throughout the day, too! I’ve watched several pro makeup artists’ tutorials and read their blogs to figure out a few of their secrets. Here are some of the brilliant tips I discovered!

  • Instead of applying your foundation first then finishing your look off with blush, do it the other way around. When you apply your blush first, the foundation tones it down for a more natural blushing effect.
  • If you don’t have a face primer and are in need of something to make you a little less oily, use corn starch! Apply only a little to your skin before using your foundation. It works wonders!
  • After buying a new tube of mascara, it can seem like it gets used up in the blink of an eye. To prevent this, pour some saline solution into the tube when you start to run low. Although it adds some moisture to the formula, it works just as well!
  • If you have a lipstick you want to wear without getting the full, vibrant effect, dab dots in a line on your upper and lower lips and rub them together. This method still covers your lips fully without the full, vibrant color look.Chelsea Crockett - Thick Eyebrow
  • I’ve never tried this tip, but some makeup artists swear by it! For thicker and fuller eyebrows, apply a nourishing balm before you go to sleep. It promotes both growth and strength so your brows can be on fleek :).

Try these secrets out for yourself… They work like magic!

XOXO – Chelsea