Hi Insiders,

            Have you ever had trouble picking the perfect makeup?  Since there’s so many different types and formulas, putting together the perfect makeup bag can be tough.  So how exactly do you choose which type of makeup for your face, eyes, and lips?  It’s time to investigate with a makeup faceoff!

Liquid Foundation vs. Powder Foundation

            Liquid and powder foundation serve the same purpose, but are completely different.  If you have oily skin and need minimum coverage, then go for the powder.  Powder foundation will soak up oil creating a more matte finish.  If you have dry skin and some blemishes that need extra coverage, then definitely go for the liquid foundation.  Since liquid tends to be thicker, it will cover even the worst acne and hydrate dry skin.  Make sure to blend it in well, so it doesn’t look too thick.

Liquid Eye Liner vs. Pencil Eye Liner

            Liquid and pencil liner are a close call!  They both get the job done.  If you prefer to wear only bottom eye liner or like a softer look, then aim for pencil.  It doesn’t go on as thick and looks more natural.  If you love a cat eye or a bold eye liner, then liquid is the way to go.  It goes on smooth and clean.  It’s a great idea to have both on hand! Chelsea Crockett- nyx the curve

Lip Stick vs. Lip Gloss

            Every girl needs both lip stick and lip gloss in their makeup bag and purse!  Lip stick is more formal and bold, while lip gloss can be worn 24/7.  If you want long-lasting wear, then go for a bright lip stick to get you through the day/night.

            Picking the right makeup is very important!  Look your best and feel your best with your best makeup yet.


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