When you put on makeup, you want to look your best! You always want to feel young and lively, but what if your makeup makes you look the complete opposite?!  Makeup applications that people do every day can actually make you look years older than you are!  Find out how to avoid these mistakes to have the best makeup look possible!Chelsea Crockett- too much bottom eye liner

  • Thick, heavy black eyeliner can make your eyes pop! But in reality, most people do not apply it correctly. When black eyeliner is placed heavy on the bottom lid, it can make you look like you have darker bags under your eyes than usual.
  • Purchasing the right foundation is crucial. If you apply a thick layer of matte foundation to every inch of your face, it will start to settle into fine lines. Instead, try powder or a sheer liquid foundation. Only use it in the necessary areas.
  • If you have small lips, stay away from dark lip colors. Dark colors make surface area look smaller. For fuller looking lips try a pink or peach color.
  • Light reflects off skin for a luminous glow. If you wear too much powder, your face will not catch the light and your skin will look matte.
  • Never skip blush! Adding a small pink tint to your cheeks instantly brightens your face and makes you look younger!

Trying using these age defying tips next time you apply makeup!

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