If you’ve checked Instagram lately, you may have noticed a crazy, new (but totally cool) hair trend going around called rainbow roots.  Basically, you’re out of luck if you have dark hair like me, but if you have light hair you can turn your hair into an array of pastel colors!  If you’ve ever wanted to do something wild with your hair, but didn’t want to commit to a full head of rainbow strands, then rainbow roots is your perfect next look!Chelsea Crockett- Rainbow Roots Hair Dye

Streekers is a commitment-free hair dye that comes in 8 colorful shades, including purple, blue, pink, etc. So how do they work? Part your hair any way you would like and lift up strands of hair away from your scalp. Apply the colorful dye to dry hair starting at the root to where you would like the color to end. If you want to do more than one color, wait a minute between each color change. Once the colors are dry, brush through the dye and style your hair as you normally would! Once you’re ready for your old hair back, simply hop in the shower and wash it out!

It’s always fun to experiment with your hair, especially when you know it can be reversed. Have fun Insiders!