Hi Lovelies,

            Metallic colors have made a splash this year!  They are so easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, especially silver and gold.  These metallics are the new black!  Check out how to add a hint of metallic into your outfits this year.Chelsea Crockett- metallic outfit

            Adding a metallic item to any outfit will make it shine!  You can start simple by painting you nails a metallic hue or throwing on a metallic sling handbag as a shiny accessory.  If you really want to dive into the metallic trend, start off by pairing a metallic tee, blouse, or tank in any color you prefer, with black or white skinny jeans.  If you’re wearing a light colored metallic, aim for light colored pants and dark colored pants if you’re wearing a dark colored metallic.  If you really want to go all out, try a pair of metallic pants or a dress.  Metallic pants have been seen all over the runways by the hottest designers.  One of my favorite looks is gold pants with a black or cream top.  Add gold jewelry and a solid colored pair of matte shoes to finish off your look.  If you want to wear a metallic dress, like a silver dress for example, keep the accessories to a minimum.  The dress is enough of a staple in itself!

            I hope you try the metallic trend this year!  Comment below if you’ve found a new, fun way to rock a metallic colored item.  Enjoy!