Mineral makeup may be something you’ve never heard of before, or it may be something you use every day!  I’ve never really known the difference between normal makeup and mineral makeup, but I came to find out that it actually has a lot of benefits, especially using mineral foundation on your skin.  Here’s a little insight on what mineral foundation is and which ones I recommend!Chelsea Crockett - NYX Mineral Foundation

Some foundations feel extremely heavy on your skin throughout the day.  Although you may only put a little on, it can feel like it’s caked on and clogging your pores!  Mineral foundation feels much lighter on your skin and lets your pores breathe a little more than normal formulas.  It’s known for making your skin feel soft and natural.  If you have sensitive skin, you might want to give it a try!  Most of these formulas leave out any unwanted ingredients such as chemical dyes, fragrances, etc.

As far as which mineral foundations are the best, there are a few I highly recommend!  NYX Cosmetic’s Stick Mineral Foundation is easy to apply since you don’t need a brush or beauty blender.  Plus, you can apply it anywhere at any time!  If you’re more into powders, L’Oréal Paris True Match Naturale Mineral Foundation gives you a smooth complexion along with SPF protection!

Do you use mineral makeup?  Let me know your take on it in the comments below!

Xoxo – Chelsea