Curling your hair sounds pretty simple, right? Well…sort of. So many things can go wrong! You can burn your hair, your curls can fall out soon after, you can even be using the wrong sized barrel! It may seem simple: warm up curling iron, wrap hair around it, done. There are so many elements that could work against you, though! Here are some things that can make or break you and how to fix them.

  1. You iron is too hot: When your iron is too hot, you can majorly damage your hair. A few things can cause this. You could be using an old iron made of not-great materials, or you could be using your iron at the wrong heat setting. You also need to make sure you are using heat protector and that you dry your hair completely before your curl it.
  2. Your barrel is too big/small: It is a general rule that larger barrels will make big waves while small barrels make tighter curls. You need to make sure you are using the right barrel for the look you are wanting, and that you are curling larger sections of hair with the smaller barrel and smaller sections with the bigger iron.curling 1
  3. You’re curling the wrong direction: Well, there really isn’t a clear wrong way to curl your hair, but there is an ideal That way is to frame your face with pieces that are curled away from your face. Continue to curl your hair in sections towards the back away from your face for a perfectly curled head of hair. If you want a messier, beachy look, alternate directions with the curls.
  4. You’re curling too long: Never leave a curl on the iron for more than 10 seconds! Keeping it on the heat for too long can cause breakage and burning to happen.

Stay away from these curling iron faux pas to keep your hair in tip top shape!

XOXO, Chels