The sun can be your best friend and your worst enemy.  It’ll give you that lovely tan, but also give you a harsh burn.    Protecting your skin from the sun is extremely important and there are many myths about the sun.  Many think that sun screen will break your skin out, or that you don’t need to wear sunscreen, because you have naturally tan skin.  These are myths!  Don’t let these fool you.Chelsea Crockett- Oil Free Sunscreen

                Most girls hate wearing sunscreen on their face, because they are afraid they will break out.  It’s normal to think that, but not true at all!  UV rays actually trigger acne and can make your skin much worse.  Many sun screen brands make oil free face sunscreen to keep your face from breaking out.  Coppertone Oil Free Faces is a great face sunscreen.  You can even buy it here:

                Tanning beds are extremely popular, especially with teenage girls like me.  Most think they aren’t that bad, but in reality, tanning in a tanning bed raises your chances of getting skin cancer by 75%!  That’s a huge percentage.  Think before you go “fake bake.” 

                The last myth about the sun is that waterproof sunscreen doesn’t need to be reapplied.  False! It is absolutely necessary to reapply about every two hours.  Waterproof sunscreen just means that it won’t come off in the water, but that doesn’t mean it won’t fade.  Stay safe in the sun and kick these myths!