Knowing what products compliment your face best and how you should apply them can sometimes be a tricky task. Most girls don’t have time to sit and redo their makeup 5 times till they get it perfect (I’m one of those girls!). Luckily, brands have made it easier to correct your makeup mistakes. Here are three of my favorites!

  • Eyeliner Correcting Pen.Chelsea Crockett - Color Correctors If you have yet to master the art of eyeliner, this pen is soon to be your best friend. Wings are probably the hardest to achieve, and this pen lets you erase and clean up any unwanted lines or smudges! My favorite kind is Hard Candy’s Oopsy-Proof Liner (which you can pick up at Walmart!). E.l.f. also offers a Makeup Remover Pen which can work just as well!
  • Color Correcting Concealers. These products are so cool! If you’ve never used these before, they’re basically concealers in various colors that cancel out redness, breakouts, etc. and correct your skin! For example, you can use the green color correcting stick to neutralize any redness on your skin, perhaps from breakouts or an annoying pimple. If you’re a little skeptical, try them out for yourself! I’m obsessed!
  • Makeup Remover Pads. If you ever mess up on your contour, eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc., one swipe of a makeup remover pad and you can start the process over again!

I hope these products help you perfect your daily makeup routine!

XOXO – Chelsea