I’m a firm believer in getting outside and spending my long summer days in the sun. But sometimes sunscreen or clouds can’t shield you from the after-effects of the sun. But luckily, aloe vera can provide some major relief for when the sun strikes!

Simply moisturizing your burn with aloe will do the trick, but I’ve learned a few hacks on how to use it to your benefit even more! First off, make your bottle of aloe cold by setting Chelsea Crockett - Aloe Ice Cubesit in your refrigerator for a couple hours. Your sunburn will thank you when you apply the reliever ice cold. If you want to go to the extreme, you can even make aloe ice cubes to rub on your burns! Just purchase an ice cube mold and fill each slot with aloe vera. Treat them like you would normal ice cubes. Wait a few hours for them to solidify and pop them out of the mold when needed!

Apart from soothing sunburns, did you know aloe can actually help get rid of acne? It contains zinc and other minerals that help improve blemishes and other damaged skin. Aloe also helps bring a glow to your skin. Its uses don’t stop after aiding sunburns. There’s an array of tricks that aloe can be used for. So… you’re getting tons of uses of products for the price of one :)!

XOXO – Chelsea