For on-the-go moisture, lip balm is a necessity.  It can go in your pocket or purse for easy access.  Each tube is packed with shea butter, SPF, and other natural ingredients to keep your lips moisturized at any time of the day.  Three of my favorite lip balms are Eos, Burt’s Bees, and Baby Lips.  They are perfect for soft, beautiful lips.Chelsea Crockett- Baby Lips

               Eos come in a cute ball form and come in lots of sweet flavors.  It is made with shea butter to keep your lips moisturized for a long period of time.  Some of them even have SPF…perfect for a day by the pool!  It has the perfect balance of moisture and flavor.  Burt’s Bees is made with all natural bees’ wax, which conditions skin, and peppermint oil for that burst of freshness.  You may feel your lips tingling after using Burt’s Bees, but it’s normal, IChelsea Crockett- lip balms promise!  If you want a lip balm with a kick, try Baby Lips by Maybelline.  Each Baby Lips comes in a different fun shade and is made to condition.  It also beats the sun with SPF.  The different tints give the illusion that you are wearing lip gloss.  Pretty cool, right?  All of these products will keep your lips looking smooth and beautiful to go with your soft, tan, summer skin.



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