If you checked out my last video, you know it was all about staying fit over the holidays! One important component when you are exercising is the music you listen to! You want your music to pump you up and inspire you to push yourself.  For me, the person that gets me going and ready to rock is Lecrae!

 One reason I love to work out to Lecrae’s music is because it doesn’t have any vulgar or inappropriate language. His lyrics are a

Chelsea crockett- workout music

ll about his walk with God and the challenges he faces regarding his faith, unlike mainstream rappers who talk about sex, drugs, and everything else under the sun. His songs are perfect to work out to because they are upbeat and have great rhythm!  If you like rap music but hate the words they use and the subject of their songs, then check out Lecrae! His music is so catchy! My workout group and I listen to his music all the time when we work out, and we feel like it makes us work even harder! Check him out on YouTube or iTunes next time you need some workout music you can feel good about listening to!

 Get off the couch and get moving!

XOXO, Chels